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to get something done. >> retired supreme court justice jon paul stevens talked monday of the second amendment and gun laws. the third longest serving justice was the author of the 2006 and 2008 dissent on the cases before the court. his remarks at the center to prevent gun violence are in our >> the mass shooting a movie theater just outside of denver colorado in aurora a gunman acting alone in the opening fire. >> [inaudible] just two weeks after the shooting in our rot colorado a gunman opened fire. >> -- aurora colorado a gunman opened fire. >> they called police about a suspicious person and he had been shot in the chest. >> a lot of people can relate to our situation and it breaks their heart just like it breaks mind. at the popular cafe minutes later four people were fatally shot and another wounded as the gun man stands alone he's holding what appears to be a gun. we are going to take you now to chicago where the past weekend at least 52 people were shot, eight of them killed. >> 8-year-old shot selling candy outside her home. >> far from downtown attractions in a weekend of
that their big bad from the beginning, the stuart steven sperry, the chief strategist very in the campaign was that all you had to be was not obama and that turned out to be wrong. you see it in the different channels they are doing now. no, you have to be yourself and not just not obama. >> let me quickly explain because i suspect a lot of you don't know who the stuart stevens is. hatha view were not alive and would know who stuart stevens is. stuart stevens is a republican strategist from mississippi, very interesting guy, at one time was a hollywood producer. all the ambassadors here like him. he also took steroids at one point to see the effect it would have on his ability to do extreme sports. he's a very interesting guy but clearly was first among equals in the romney campaign for a long time, very much espoused his theory of this is an election on the economy and all we have to do is beat the other guy. it's a referendum on obama. there was growing frustration in the campaign as particularly post-nomination, they seem to not work as well and romney seemed to fall further behind. it
reference. hosting our discussion today is.there steven bucci with the homeland security in our douglas and sarah allison center for foreign-policy studies. is focuses cybersecurity as well as defense support to civil authorities. dr. bucci served in america for three decades as an army special forces officer and top pentagon official and commanded the third battalion special forces and became military assistant to defense secretary donald rumsfeld in july 2001 and served throughout the secretary's term and his retirement he continued at the pentagon as deputy assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and america's security affairs. prior to joining us here he was a lead consultant on cybersecurity. please join me in welcoming my collie, steven bucci. [applause] >> we want to welcome everyone here to heritage this morning. we have a very timely subject to discuss and i think we have a great panel of experts that will be doing the discussing at least to get us started. i have to tell you i have an interest in this because one of the first things i did when i arrived at heritage
. i thank shelly for her remarks, i thank -- steven -- i want do you elect them because president obama needs some people in congress that are also committed to build a 21st century american middle class and one that lets poor folks work their way in to the middle class. [cheering and applause] you know, it was amazing, i was thinking, i was sitting here trying to contrast in my mind governor romney's account for the 47% of americans that don't pay income taxes, 60% of whom work 40 hours a week and have children in their homes. and until this republican congress and this nominee and this campaign, we had broad bipartisan support from democrats and republicans with a proposition that if you work 40 hours a week and you have children in your house, they ought not to grow up in poverty. [cheering and applause] that's why gerald ford signed the earned income tax credit and ronald reagan said it was the best -- it took over 2 million children out of poverty. that why i started the child tax credit, and when president george w. bush cut the taxes for high income people, at least he doub
steve heideman. steve stevens or senior advisor for middle east initiatives. he has taught at columbia. he is extensively published, has also directed the center for democracy and civil studies and civil society at georgetown university. he is a terrific asset to the institute. this project is one that is driven by syria with assistance, technical assistance and other kinds of assistance from the institute and sister institution in germany. it is very important that these kinds of efforts be driven by local populations, things that are handed down from the united states that typically don't work all that well and so we are very pleased that you're all here. i hope you have lots of questions and steve if i could turn this over to you. >> thank you very much gem for opening this morning and let me add my welcome. we are delighted to see you while here this morning. it's going to be of very a very very interesting conversation about syria after assad and the challenges of managing a post-assad transition. as jim mentioned, this event this morning is in many ways the culmination of a proje
in a ceremony that ambassador chris stevens cited as the highlight of his time in the country. achieving genuine democracy and broad-based growth will be a bomb and difficult process. we know that from our own history. within 235 years after our own revolution, we are still working toward that more perfect union. so one should expect setbacks along the way, times when some will surely ask if it was all worth it. but going back to the way things were in december 2010 isn't just undesirable, it is impossible. so this is the context in which we have to view of recent events anshaped our approach going forward. and let me explain where that leads us. now, since this is a conference of the maghreb, that is where i will focus because after all that is where the air of revolution started and where international coalitions help stop the dictator from slaughtering many people and where just last month, we saw such disturbing violence. but let's look at what is actually happening on the ground, especially in light of recent events. we have to, as always, the clear-eyed about the threat of violent extremis
november. so, question from steven hey who asks, how are you going to work with the opposite party so bills that are needed by the entire country are not held up by partisanship? >> first of all, regardless of who controls the house of representatives, a person committed to serving the community can make an enormous difference in congress, bitten suring that the folkses in our ridge signal offices are responsive and are dedicated and follow up. so regardless of whether the congressman's republican party and john boehner remain in control or democrats take control of the house, i'm committed to ensuring we have the best people in our office responding to the needs of our constituents. in terms of working with the other side of the aisle, the last two years we have seen, getting nothing done in congress, that we will learn from that when we begin a new session in january. from my part, having spent most of my career in nonpartisan public service, not seeing republican or democrat, i believe i have the experience and the temperment to ensure i can reach across the aisle. is a said at the outse
participating in the debate. they are democratic state senate majority leader, steven horsford and republican, danny tarkanian. let's begin. mr. tarkanian declined us determine you are up first with your opening statement. tarkanian: thank you for hosting this debating giving the people an opportunity to hear from their candidates. i feel very strongly that these are important for him so that the public can see the differences and the concepts between each of the candidates. in fact i feel this is so important that i've offered to debate my opponent in each of the different counties of which is district represents. as many of you now now know this is a large alt-a diverse district with a lot of different interests and i thought it was important to get out in front of each of those communities and talk about important the important issues that are there. we are going to talk about those issues today. over the past nine months i've traveled throughout this district are going to talk to the people from these communities. we discussed the issues that affect them and the solutions we hope to solve
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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